Cairngorm Biathlon & Nordic Ski Club (CBNSC)


Child and Vulnerable Adult Policy

27th March 2019




This document details the policies and procedures that must be adopted by all who act under or behalf of CBNSC – whether as coaches, leaders, officials or volunteers.


CBNSC is affiliated to two National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) these being Snowsport Scotland (SS) and the National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA). Everyone acting under CBNSC as outlined above must adhere to both organisations Child Protection Policies. These can be viewed on their websites




These documents form our child protection policies and provide explanations of Types of Abuse, Indications of abuse, Good Practice and what actions to take should abuse be suspected.

The terms “child” and “children” include all who are under the age of 18 and are to be taken as including vulnerable adults.

Where other organisations such as schools or youth groups are involved in a particular activity, this document should be taken as complementary to the policies and procedures of those organisations and in no way limiting the obligations to such organisations.

In enacting these policies, CBNSC recognises certain principals for children and vulnerable adults.

These are set out below.


  • The right to enjoy both practice and competition with a wide variety of activities which are both fun and instructional.

  • The right to take part as a child and not to be treated like an adult.

  • The right to take part in competitions with rules adapted to their level of ability at each stage of their development.

  • The right to participate in conditions of the greatest possible safety.

  • The right to participate in all aspects of the sport without risk of abuse.

  • The right to be trained by experienced and qualified coaches.

  • The right to be able to gain experience for themselves, by resolving themselves the problems which arise both in practice and in official competition.

  • The right to be treated with dignity both by their coach and their opponents and teammates.

  • The right to compete with children their own age who have similar chances of winning.


If you suspect Abuse is taking place either within or out with the governance of CBNSC you should in the first instance contact the clubs Child Protection Officer (CPO). If the suspicion of abuse is relating to the CPO you can contact the Club Chair and/or the NGB’s directly (details available on the above mentioned websites)


Please email for contact details of our Child Protection Officer.