CAIRNGORM BIATHLON AND NORDIC SKI CLUB                                                                                         




27th March 2019


1. NAME.

The club shall be known as the “Cairngorm Biathlon and Nordic Ski Club” and shall take effect from 3rd November 2004. From here on it shall be referred to as “the Club”


The objects of the club shall be: –


(a) To introduce and develop Biathlon and Nordic skiing to the people of the area, expanding sporting opportunity and increasing the health and fitness of the participants.

(b) To encourage interest and participation in Biathlon and Nordic skiing throughout Scotland.

(c) To further the development and promotion of Biathlon, Nordic skiing, racing and roller skiing.

(d) To support the development of Biathlon and Nordic skiers to perform at national and international level.

(e) To support & increase the number and quality of races held in Scotland and introduce biathlon to the existing Nordic skiing community in Scotland. Forming strong links with other existing and future Biathlon and Nordic ski clubs.

(f) To associate and work with Glenmore Lodge in further developing the Biathlon and Nordic facilities.

(g) To associate with and affiliate to national and regional sporting bodies such as the British Biathlon Union, Snowsport Scotland and Badenoch and Strathspey District Sports Council.

(h) To associate with other Biathlon and Nordic ski clubs and groups.

 (i) To assist and advise individual Club members on the improvement of personal performance and encourage training in the sports’ administration and coaching.

(j) To be non-political and non-discriminatory.

(k) To seek charitable status


Full Membership of the Club is open to all individuals or families upon payment of the appropriate membership fee as determined by the Club at its Annual General Meeting. Membership fees are due within one month of the AGM.

Associate Membership: Associate Membership is available for groups such as education authorities or the armed services. Individuals within these groups will have associate membership on payment of the appropriate associate membership fee, and shall have all rights and cover of full members excepting that they shall not have a vote at meetings of the Club.

Affiliation: Organisations which affiliate to the club shall have one vote at a Club General Meeting


The Club shall be administered by a Committee of club members and composed of the following Office Bearers:- Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Head Coach, Athletes Rep and Child Protection Officer. All Office Bearers shall stand for election at the first Annual General Meeting and a third of Office Bearers shall stand for re-election in rotation annually thereafter. The Committee has the power to appoint an Honorary President. The Committee shall nominate trustees to represent the club should it have charitable status.


The Committee shall have the power to co-opt substitute members in the event of death or resignation of any member of the Committee or in the event of fewer than the required numbers of members being appointed at the Annual General Meeting. All such substitute members shall be members of the Committee until the next following Annual General Meeting.

The Committee shall also have the power to co-opt more committee members, and such co-opted members shall have full voting rights in committee. Co-opted members will stand for election at the next following Annual General Meeting.


The Club is committed to following the best practises with regard to its interaction with children and vulnerable adults. To achieve this aim the Club will:

Adopt a Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy.

This policy will be reviewed and adopted each year at the Annual General Meeting.

The Club will appoint a Child Protection Officer each year at the Annual General Meeting. The duties of this officer are to :

To maintain the Child and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy to ensure it follows best practise and meets current legislation.

To ensure that this Policy is followed by the Club and carry out the required actions stipulated by the policy.


Twenty Eight days notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October of each year, and members wishing resolutions to be included as items of business at such meeting must submit the terms thereof to the Secretary 14 days prior to the meeting.

Extraordinary General Meetings shall be convened on the instructions of the Chair as business requires, or on receipt by the Chair of a requisition signed by one-third of the members of the Club aged over 16. Such a requisition will be required to specify the business to be considered at the meeting, and the meeting will be convened within twenty-eight days of receipt of the requisition.

The quorum for Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings shall be ten Club Members or fifty percent of the club Members for whichever is the lower figure.

A minimum of four meetings of the Club Committee shall be held each year. The quorum for club Committee meetings shall be three Committee members. Club Committee Meetings are open to all members of the club. The Chair is empowered, if there is good reason, to close a Committee Meeting to general members of the club.

The Chair at all Committee and Club Meetings shall have an additional casting vote.


This Constitution shall not be amended except by resolution carried by two-thirds of those voting in person or by proxy at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. Discussion and voting shall be limited to resolutions of which reasonable notice shall be given to Members. Postal voting and proxy voting delivered by email shall be allowed.


All notices required by or under this Constitution shall be deemed to have been effectively served by Emailing or posting to the last known address of the Member.



(a) The Club shall appoint a Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting each year, who shall keep proper books of accounts on all financial matters affecting the Club.

(b) The Club’s financial year shall run from 1st October to 30th September each year.

(c) Monies received on behalf of the Club shall be paid into a Bank Account in the name of Cairngorm Biathlon and Nordic Ski Club.

(d) All cheques drawn against the club Account shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Chair, Vice Chair or Secretary.

(e) No 2 members of the same family are to countersign the same cheque.



The Club shall not be wound up except by resolution carried by a majority of two-thirds of those present and voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club called for the purpose.

In the event of the Club being wound up, any remaining club funds and assets will be transferred to another organisation having aims and objectives similar to that of the club.


Chair:                    Alastair Dargie                                                                   Vice Chair:           Rex Sircus

Signed:                                                                                                                 Signed:



Date: 27th March 2019                                                                                   Date: 27th March 2019


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